I am a codependent alcoholic.

But, that is not what I really want to be. What I really want to be is a writer. Or, maybe, a ballerina. A quantum physicist sounds good, too. Cow-girl. Neurologist. Race car driver. Zoologist. Organic farmer. Astronaut. Pastry chef. Actress.

Alcoholic? Codependent? Nah, not really the identity I had planned for myself.

I am learning, though, that sometimes my plans don’t work out. And, sometimes, my Higher Power has a much different direction for me. So…

Just for today, I’ll be a recovering codependent alcoholic.

I’ll let you know how tomorrow goes.

My recovery began in Al-Anon and continues in Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dorothy is my alias, pen-name, secret identity if I ever decide to become a super hero.

This blog is my story.